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U-DEK® marine decking is owned, manufactured and distributed around the world by Ultralon® International Foams. 

Over the past forty years, Ultralon® has established itself as a niche manufacturer of high quality closed-cell cross-linked foams, with a very tight consistent cell structure. As a result, Ultralon® has focused on market sectors where foam performance is key, and includes supply to the world’s top 12 ski and snow board boot manufacturers and to various companies making protective head gear for rugby union and rugby league head gear. The company also supplies PE and EVA foam to the orthotic, construction and packaging sectors around the world. U-DEK® is the company’s marine brand which is focused on the production and supply of foam for marine decking in the USA, APAC and EU regions.

Key dates:

1980 – Ultralon® Foam International is founded, supplying high density EVA foam into the footwear market, which remains a focus for the business today

1985 – Skellerup Holdings acquires Ultralon®

1991 – The business moves into various sporting sectors with lower density foam options

1994 – Ultralon® makes its first moves into the winter sports sector with PE foams and custom solutions for boot liners, a market it now dominates

2014 - Ultralon® acquires Thermo Plastic Foam Industries in Somersby, NSW Australia, to gain entry into the Australian market

2014 – Ultralon® establishes a US presence

2016 – Thermo Plastic Foam Industries is integrated into another Skellerup business, Gulf Rubber Australia, but continues to distribute U-DEK®

2019 – Ultralon’s NZ offices set up U-DEK® drive-in installation services for local

News & Events

Duncans Canvas comes on board as our Waikato Authorised Installer

Duncans Canvas comes on board as our Waikato Authorised Installer

Waikato region covered now in our growing network of Authorised Installers

20 years Renovation

20 years Renovation

Malcolm Steedman Catamaran finally finished after 20 years. 

Northland's new Ultralon® Authorised Installer

Northland's new Ultralon® Authorised Installer

New Authorised Installer in Northland - Canvas & Covers. 

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