U-DEK® marine decking is a great looking and high performing option for all types of marine craft, from sailing yachts, motor yachts, trailer boats, to RIBS and personal watercraft.

It is made from lightweight closed cell foam, offering a high level of comfort underfoot and excellent traction in all conditions. Durable, low maintenance, U-DEK® has been designed specifically for deck kits and is supplied in various colours and tread options to suit individual styles.

As a leading global manufacturer of PE and EVA foam, Ultralon® Foam International designs and produces U-DEK® using our own dedicated plant and IP. Tightly controlled manufacturing processes, careful selection of raw materials, high level technical expertise and the latest technology and equipment, enable us to offer customers quality, reliability and consistency of product.

Our closed-cell chemically cross-linked foams are manufactured from polyethylene (PE), ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA) or a high-tech blended copolymer. The fine cell structure gives minimal water absorption, a high buoyancy rating and excellent chemical resistance.

Ultralon® foams are produced in moulded block form and can be trimmed to size and thickness. They are easily processed, using standard foam-processing machinery. No chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) product or derivatives are used, and no organic fillers are added to foams.

Experience the benefits of U-DEK®:

  • Easy to clean to keep it looking fresh day after day
  • Low maintenance decking solution – minimum effort for maximum enjoyment
  • Good underfoot comfort for long days on the water
  • Great traction in all weather conditions
  • Custom routing to create unique designs
  • Durable solution that is proven to last upwards of 8 years
  • Lightweight foam with proven performance

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U-DEK® Marine Decking is a brand of Ultralon Foam Group, a Skellerup Group company